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Germany: Headshop Grasweg (Hamburg), and at various festivals through Nigel Photon. In the UK available from independent party promoters of: Messmedia (Wolverhampton) and at the following parties Kulu (Bradford), and through Alien Resonance (Liverpool) and at various London parties.

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Cyberdog, Camden Market (Stables Market, second entrance after the bridge, opposite Esso garage, Camden)

Magazine: Psychedelic Dream Temple (Stables Market, if you go up from where PsyDmt used to be, get to just before Hexagon, take a right and it's on the left); Hexagon(Stables Market); Far side (Stables Market), Cafe 1001 (off Brick Lane).

North Yorkshire
Hobgoblin Clothing, The Basement, 14 Cheltenham mount, Harrogate

Eye1der: Leeds

Various Virgin, HMV, Tower Records stores

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