2003 interview: Fatali’s one of the new breed of young Israeli artists coming up to challenge the old guard and push psy-trance into new sonic terrority. With his debut album out on English label Alchemy and after playing the Liquid Connective party in the UK last month, he’s in demand all over the world
What’s your real name, age, where are u from in Israel and where does the name Fatali come from?

First of all hey, J, my name is Eitan Carmi, I’m 18 years old I’m from Nazareth Illit, (is this supposed to be innit - London joke). My artist name, Fatali was given to me by my sister, it means fate.

I’ve heard good things about u from Israel, what have you been doing and what parties have you played in recently?

I’ve been playing my live set in Israel over the last 2 years, it’s been getting a really good response on the dancefloors. One of the best recent highlights was playing at the Rave-o-lution festival. It was a real experience playing to 20 000 people here.

You have a very atmospheric style, what or who has influenced this?
Over the past two years I’ve been working hard at creating the sound I really like, some of the artists that have given me inspiration have been Cosma (R.I.P), and Logic Bomb. I believe that my music has it’s own life, it comes from within.

In writing the album what sort of effect did you hope to achieve?
I wanted an album that reflected the daylight hours, easy to listen to with good groove. Happy music for happy people J

You and Hujaboy seem to share a particular musicality, a refreshing approach to writing, how has this evolved?
About Hujaboy, I can’t really comment on his music as I haven’t really heard anything new he’s done, but I suppose my classical training has some effect on the style of the melodies in my tracks and the atmosphere.

What’s in your studio?
I’m working with simple studio, including simple midi control and Gina soundcard. And some old monitors J
Thanks to the new software, we no longer need outboard synths to create music, coz u have the virtual world.

Favourite tracks on the album and why?
I like all the tracks on my album, for different reasons. For the dance floor, ‘Moments’ & ‘Keep it Real’ are the real killers.

Why did you decide to work with Alchemy?
They offered me millions of dollars, girls in bikinis and a fancy new car, so I had no choice J

What new elements do you see coming into the Israeli trance sound?
Well the Israeli sound is at every moment evolving, at this time, it’s becoming more groove-orientated, with house overtones, who knows where it will go next?

What’s coming up for you musically and in terms of parties around the world?
Musically, I am working on a few new full-on tracks for Alchemy, as well as writing a new killer track with Rinkadink and next week one with Dark Soho, which should be fun.