Psytwin, twin brothers Fabrice and Willy are one of the best VJing duos around. Their unique style has been seen at most London parties and their websites are out of this world

Who are you and what’s your history on the psy-trance scene?
We come from the French West Indies, but we actually grew up in France (Paris),
We started going to techno parties in our early twenties in 1994. As often as possible to the mainly outdoors techno parties. After a year, we decided to go to London, as we thought it could be a great personal and human experience, and London night life is known to be great.

On our first day of being in London, we went to this huge psychedelic trance party, and we got like attracted by this unique world! Going out nearly every weekend we made many friends and together (as we were sharing the same passion), we decided to run a stall at the parties. After this and some training developed into our visual performances which can be seen at parties and festivals all over the world. We’ve also been to different parties and festivals from America to Asia, when not performing, discovering new countries, cities and people, which has definitely developed our imagination.

From there, after mixing together our experiences, we put our knowledge together, to finally give birth to a visuals 3d graphics design show on big screens, and also website creations.

What are the inspirations for your video and web-design work?
Well, it’s from a wild mix of travelling, movies and special effects, like for example in ‘Matrix’. Also 3D animation movies, which have shown us how precise and close to reality 3D graphical technology can be. The “Final Fantasy” movie for instance or “Kaena la Prophetie” French on!
Music gave us the opportunity to remember the best moments we had during parties and festivals. Then we’re just trying to translate those special moments and emotions to our visuals and web designing works.

What would you say are the most important elements to produce a really good VJ performance?
Someone who wants to do visuals has to feel the music!! He has to feel the music vibrations as much as a DJ. Then this special link to music is an inspiration and gives him the possibility to create a “physical dimension” for every single beat of the tune. Visuals and music are basically part of each other, and done successfully, it can develop certain emotions to take you on a great imaginative journey. According to us a good VJ is a person who can give birth to musical sounds and vibrations through images and designs, someone who’s able to basically make the sound, like come out of the screen !

How do you put together a VJ set?
Well, our VJ equipment is mainly a video mixer and two lap-top computers. Each computer is independent and set up with various software, programs and tools which gives us the opportunity to mix our own creations on two channels for one computer. Then each computer is connected to our video mixer in order to get the final mixing of all the video channels. This means we can actually do a visual in two different ways:

Back to back on the all set, which means that we take control, one after the other of the video mixer. We mix from one computer to another! Well actually it’s a bit more than that since we are able to mix also on each computer! So it is more a final mixing set on a minimum of four video channels that we’ re taking control of. Like this we can drive the visuals on the sound wave of the best DJ set!!

The second way, is when we VJ together and each of us controls one lap-top. We then control the final mixing “back to back” on the main video mixer. Each of us drives a part of the visual at the same time, and gets the best out of the first mixing of each computer. Our visuals are colourful, and very psychedelic and with an animation mixer and wild bunch of digital effects, we feel they are different to any other visuals and deeply hypnotic.

Where can your work Vjing and websites be seen?
We’ve been VJ’ ing for a few years now at the biggest London psychedelic events, such as Chichime, Karroo, Tribal Vision, Astral Phoenix, Xentrix and Fairy Tales. Since last year we started VJing at Festivals and this is what we are keenest on, playing our visuals live outdoors. So far we have had the opportunity to play out at Brasilian trance Festivals last April and this New Year which have developed our experience at working on big events.

The website activity is also growing!! We’ve now done quite a few websites for labels, party and festival promoters such as: Alchemy Records; Etnicanet Records Celebra Brasil festivals; MoonFlower Records; Zanbujiera festival; Aeon Records (Unrealised site ); Pan Papason project and now this magazine’s website.

Also other websites which are not connected to the trance scene! But always linked to topics we’re interested in.

What styles are you introducing to your Vjing and do your trademark battling figures represent anything?
The style we are always trying to develop is greater control of the mental projection of the beat. Visuals which reflect the individual vibrations and variations of each sound. We try to give a hypnotic and physical dimension to the sounds by influencing peoples’ minds at a different level by the visuals we use. So far we are able to mix our creations on two different live performances at the same time which gives extra life to the bass and middle sounds. We are still working on the third and final sound level, to complete our vision of the perfect visual show!

The deep collaboration of the twin brothers takes place in the love of the psychedelic trance world. With their feelings and their ways of using today’s technologies, they’re trying to improve the psychedelic scene. The result of this job is one big passion and project: PSYTWIN.