If it’s loud, scratchy psy-trance you’re after, then make some space, Chris Hoy aka Shift is going to get you dancing. Nigel Photon asked the South African artist what’s in the bru

Name/age/biggest releases so far?
Chris Hoy; 25; ‘Demon Twist part 2’ (afrogalactic) probably the most popular so far.
What have been your musical influences from the psy-trance scene?
Initially, Gms, X-dream, Miranda, Kox-Box, Cydonia, Logic Bomb. Currently, Absolum, Artifakt, Lemurians, Wizzy Noise, Damage, Cpu, Rinkadink, Nomad, Phyx, Broken toy, Etnica.
How did you get into psy-trance?
I got hold of a Danny Rampling cd in ’96 which had some Astral Projection and Hallucinogen on, it blew my mind away.. then i spent a few more years jumping between metal and house, until i ended up at a Vortex in ‘99. I started making trance a week later on a simple PC tracker called Audiomulch.
What’s developed your sound the most?
Absolute commitment to making the fattest, most psychedelic, and most danceable sound around,, and I still ain’t there. Oh, and my PCs, M-audio monitors, and Cubase.
With your new album just out, what would you say has had the most influence on the sound?
I’m trying to provide another option, not the same old shit. Using the new and the old, techno, goa, psychedelic and funk.
What’s your favourite track and why, do you have an obsession with power tools (judging by the first track)?
My favs are track three ‘Xtrasensory’ and track seven, ‘Digital dna’. Power tools - well it explains itself doesn’t it.. Controlled psychedelic mayhem that will work itself together during the track to a climax of some sort,, u know.. the journey?
What do you see as the next step foward in your genre of dark crazy music?
Well, shit I hope it’s my next album, no but really someone has to keep pushing the fold.. where its eventually gonna go, I dont know, I don’t see it as crazy, well I’ll admit there’s an element of it but the whole track and album must have a focus and direction or it just gets confusing, and then boring..
With pundits speaking of a new split within trance, between the neo-full-on style and a splinter-style represented by South African artists like Rinkadink, Broken Toy and yourself, how do you think its going to affect the choices of party-goers around the globe?,.....
I don’t think of it like that. I know it’s happening, but there is no plan on our minds. It’s just a natural reaction to some of the crap being called psy-trance these days. People have said that the very full on and psychedelic are gonna die, but really it’s just morphed. But bringing it all together, good production tricks don’t necessarily make an interesting experience, they add to the experience and can flavour the ride. Too many artists tend to forget the trip and just expect people to bop along, there is so much scope available in both writing and production these days and there are listeners out there who want more, fresh and experienced ears who will appreciate what i’m trying to do. Check my next album in March/April on my new label to hear what i’m talking about, or pick up any Timecode disk. This is just the beginning, hopefully people will want to hear and play more, and hopefully they’ll buy it too ;-)