Shiva Space have long been one of Germany’s most innovative labels, introducing Infected Mushroom to the scene as Shiva Shidapu amongst others. Label manager Andi now makes music as the Lemurians, Jörg has set up Shiva Space Japan with Kaya and Ida does graphics and loads in the office
Why are you called Shiva Space Technology?

Actually the name came up on our second trip to India when Jörg started DJing and we were looking for a project name - so Shiva stands for the old spirits of India, space is the universal thinking and both of them in combination with our technical world, now that‘s why technology.

What‘s the main idea behind the label, what type of music do you specialise in?

Actually we have never specialised in one type of music – we try to keep the balance between psychedelic night and melodic morning tunes . As music collectors we like all kinds of styles as long as it’s well produced and innovative.

How did you all meet and why did you decide to set up a label?

Jörg and I know each other already from times before trance. We did a lot of travelling together on overland trips with trucks from Germany to India and Nepal and so we came in touch with the “goa scene” in 1989.
Jörg started DJing and producing tracks with Astral Projection and then with Erez from Shidapu which is Infected Mushroom today.... so Erez and Jörg got their first album ready and after looking for a label we decided to start our own label to press the album and so the story went on.


Lemurians playing out:Andi Shiva and Johannes

What influences surface in the Lemurians and how does running a label and recording / performing as an artist work for you?

Lemurians is influenced by all kind of styles which range from German rave and techno over psychedelic up to Israelian power-trance. We are just
finishing our new album and we tried to work more on single sounds which are really phat keeping each track a bit more empty instead of overloading it with a lot of squeeky and noisy sounds, so that it gets more groovy. To run a label and work as an artist runs very well together – you meet a lot of other artists and you can play and promote your own music so there is always a nice exchange.

Can you describe your studio setup?

We got a PC Pentium 4, Logic 5.5, Gina 24bit soundcard, Genelec monitors, Eventide eclipse, Waldorf Q, Novation superstation, MS20, Monopoly, Pro one, Tb303, Oberheim matrix and a Mackie mixer 1402 vlz.

How is going to work now with Jörg and the Japanese label?

There is nothing special with it - it’s the same story, just that he is sitting in Japan now and I am sitting in Europe
But he did this concept for Japan where will be a row of releases with different meanings like force, intelligence, love and spirit/soul (I forget the japanese words for it:-)


How is the scene in Germany at the moment?

Well there are still a lot of parties going on in clubs and now people are looking forward to the open-air season where we are lucky to have so many big festivals.

Do you think that with more Israeli artists playing live in Germany your country’s progressive tendencies will change?

I dont know – but I think this was and is more a DJ thing. People go out to parties to dance so if there are a lot of DJs who
decide just to play the progressive story of course they will dance to it, because that’s why they are there. But we’ve always played full-on here in Germany and the dancers have always had a
really good time too. I think it doesn’t matter so much...

What‘s your message to the world?
May the truth come back to our planet...